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3 CD Set *best value*
Looking for something good to help your kids? Well, this is it! A collection that no parent will want to be without. These 3 CDs have inspired thousands of children in countless ways, giving them the necessary tools to increase self- esteem and make healthy choices. The songs are rich with catchy tunes and positive lyrics, popular with kids of all ages.
take a stand
Take a Stand will amaze and inspire your kids with full bodied and diverse musical recordings that they will want to hear over and over again. The songs are endearing, while the lyrics offer a combination of lessons that can protect and empower children...messages that are as vital as the air they breathe.

be a builder
Be a Builder will energize and motivate your kids to take care of their bodies and build a healthy self image. Lessons of service are subtle and motivate children to reach out to others and create constructive friendships.

sticks and stones
Sticks and Stones is a unique, educational smorgasbord of styles and cultures ranging from Native American, Latin, Polynesian, 1920's, Rock and Roll to Pop. The message inspire and build life skills that encourage kids to make positive choices in spite of peer pressure.
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